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Remember...If They Don't Have A Boxing Ring They're NOT A Boxing Gym!


Before you get taken at the door (over charged) at one of the many Amateur Boxing Events being held throughout Long Island, please know that you should stay away from gyms/shows that say they promote Youth Boxing only to exploit it by holding events and charging parents/family and supporters $25-$30-$35 and more to watch a match.

Could you imagine the OUTRAGE if parents had to pay that to see their sons or daughters play soccer or any school sport!?

These gym owners are wanna be Pro Boxing Promoter types (SCUMBAGS), exploiting the hard work and love for amateur boxing these young (UNPAID ATHLETES) have for our sport.

Anyone who really wants to promote the great sport of Olympic Style Amateur Boxing should BOYCOTT ALL/ANY SHOWS that charge MORE than $15 or $20 and/or don't give discounts to athletes and/or coaches.

The irony here is these wanna be Pro Promoter types that run events are the FIRST ones to try and get in FREE at other events or won't support other shows!

Start now...if a Registered USA Boxing Gym is holding an event and RAPING spectators with ticket prices over $20 - DO NOT SUPPORT THEIR SHOW! They are only interested in making money on the backs of these UNPAID AMATEUR ATHLETES!

They are not committed to truly promoting the great sport of Olympic Style Amateur Boxing!



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